Webinar "How to protects assets and prove managment misconduct through trace of financial documents" in the School of Law "Statut"


30 attendances have visited webinar in assets protection and loss recovery in the School of Law "Statut" on 6 July

Использование бухгалтерских документов для доказывания неправомерных действий менеджмента и возмещения убытков. Онлайн лекция Павлова П. В. - Webinar

Webinar "Business Intelligence for finance professionals: from big data to big results" in Moscow Business School


On 5 July in Moscow Business School have been orginised webinar "Business Intelligence for finance professionals": how to boost efficiency of managerial accounting and budgeting through applying of Business Intelligence. Full 2-days training will be conducted in September!

Professional training: “The best practices of controlling” in the Moscow Business School


21-23 June professional training in Controlling was conducted by Pavel Pavlov in Moscow Business School. Audience - managers and executives of Controlling Departments of large Russian and European companies.

Professional training: “How to confirm financial losses: navigation through financial documents of a company”


35 listeners have visited professional training, hosted by Pavel Pavlov, in the Institute of Attorney in Law of Saint-Petersburg. The training for Corporate Law Professionals and Attorneys in Law is concentrated on instruments of debt collection and assets protection through analysis of financial reports.


Service contract with First BIT


SIA Russia started service agreement with First BIT to provide our clients access to 1C Accounting software remotely 24/7 from any part of the world as cloud solution. First BIT is the largest franchasee of 1C software, the company employs 5000 experts, including Dubai office.

First Bit UAE Branch - YouTube


Partnership agreement with Freezoner



SIA Russia have signed partnership agreement with Freezoner – Dubai company providing residence visa services and company opening services in Emirates. Using this service you can legalize yourself in UAE on a fast-track basis, whether you represent international corporation or work as independent freelancer.